How to fix a slow filling WC cistern

I won been asked by somebody about their WC taking a long time to fill up what the problem might be there are quite a few reasons or one of the main reasons can often be the ballcock value can be blocked with piece of rust or rubbish in the seating but a lot of reasons can be that you have slow tank fit pressure in your bathroom. Shoptoilet blog is all about toilet problems, guides, reviews and much more. Keep visiting and learn latest tips and information.

So you’re cold by its intact bath tap and your toilet WC system is fed from a tank in a loft if that’s the case you may well have a high pressure seat that’s in your ball cock in a toy which is restricting the flow and causing it to take a long time to fit up so I’m going to look at that now and show you how to easy when we do this problem right on the counter here on the worktop.

I’ve got three for your ball valves here come out beer systems um now generally this is the old tightly depart tune part one valve some other little spell the top but basically when you’re in the system you just see that part of it just undo the nut turn off first obviously undo the nut and have a row take the valve out or come away like this and you should be able to see what type of seating is going there now that is a high pressure signal and it will top out like.

So you can see there is a brand new high pressure seating now if you’ve got low pressure or upstairs that will really restrict the flow of water I you really find it that slow so what to do or hope is at hand because there’s your seating out of there but here for just 10 pence is what’s called a low pressure seating okay just.

So you understand this is the high pressure one okay because it’s got a very small hole and that is for mains pressure and this one is below pressure one for low pressure systems if your toy and cistern upstairs is fed from the tank in the loft and what we got to do is put that back in there and connect it back up there is normally a washer there by the way but I haven’t got one to show you because an on board but there is normally little fiber washer in here pull that back and you will find when you turn the water back on but that will flow lovely and fast and fill up really quickly.

Now that is for a brass one there are other types of ball valves and here’s a particular one you get a lot of the plastic ones that like this now again it will have a high-pressure see fit usually a standard in there like so they use the standard fit just get it out and often with ease you’ll see this on the end of the valve board you see so you can change it to a low pressure to pull that out and as you can see that is a low pressure Seaton put it in there and do your nut back up as on that one the same same sort of nut arrangement do it back up and there you have it again this very last one this is a bottom feed.

One but still the same type of arrangement you still have a spot light that will come through the bottom and attorn it just undo it there okay now if your sister undo it again you can see there’s the eye pressure seen just take it out and put this low pressure one on alright put it back and do it back up and the thing will feel really fast and quickly and you’ll find it once again younger wait hours for the hold WC system to fit up okay well that’s about it for me just a quick tip that someone asked me about that I pass on to you guys okay go to our for a vo is dirt and 33 thanks for watching bye bye.