How to install tankless PrecisionTemp water heater

So I have  all the fasteners out now and you see  there’s these corner pieces so I’m gonna  just push out this door or pops off like  this  so now we have that awful take the door  off that’ll make it easier for us set  that back here okay  and we’ll take this this corner piece  out so now we’re ready to start trying  to pry this back and like I said I’m on  it to try to use the plastic putty by  Ken Oz don’t want to  don’t want to scratch up my  see how well we can do to  let’s see over there  to turn the bottom  yeah yeah let’s see if anything comes  out drop my plug here I’m gonna go ahead  and try to thread that just smoothly  back in just uh get lost  okay all right so now it’s just uh  slowly slowly  use this out  all right now I may not be a video major  I realized that dead space there was not  good I’ll try to edit that out  now with that have a nice clean opening  uh I’m easily send my platform uh means  to see my wine let me take the camera  off and show that there you go a little  bit of sealant left around the edges and  I’m going to try to clean up because um.

I expect the flanges on the new one are  going to go over that and we want that  to be a clean flat surface for the new  butyl tape – to go on you see there’s a  platform built in here so for the water  heater to sit on I’m hoping that I’m  hoping that don’t have to make any mods  there I’m hoping this one will just  simply slide in and sit on this sit on  this platform the way it is you can see  here here’s that here’s that 110 that I  cut that we’re not going to use anymore  before I I’m going to go ahead and get  some electrical tape and I’m going to  I’m gonna tape that off and put that  back out away um since we’re not since  we’re not gonna use that anymore  okay.

So well you said all I did there is  um put two pieces of tape over the end  the length of the wire here and then  just wrapped around there that should  mess you pretty much feel that  connection off again this is not hot it  shouldn’t come on with that circuit  breaker in the off position and  ultimately I might just if this is truly  dedicated to that breaker i might just  pull that breaker and just to ensure  that then never does become hot  okay so um as many my friends know I  sometimes get ahead of myself and I  thought I I measured this the best I  could with the unit in and I thought  that I came up with the right rough  dimensions that this opening would be  large enough for the new unit to go in  while the cameras been off what I just  just found is that’s not the case of  course I need another inch and a half up  here to make this uh to make this work  so I’m not exactly sure how I’m gonna do  that yet I’ll bring the video back on  when I do obviously obviously my  obviously what I’m planning to do.

I  guess is because hey I’m not putting the  six gallon water heater back in that’s  while I could it’s not an option for me  at this point I have this new beautiful  one sitting here I’m not gonna put in  the six gallon back in um so the only  concern I have is this is framed this is  aluminum framed just for the sides so  what we’ll have to do is we’ll have to  solve all up to that extra inch and a  half that we need and cut this top piece  out then I have a buddy who’s contractor  coming over and he’s coming over now and  we’re gonna we’ll figure out you know  how we’re going to shore this up and and  either reuse this piece or just put some  wood in there I’m thinking we’ll just  put some wood  across will shore it up over here and  here and that’ll be our top top piece so  I’ll come back once we once we get that  sewer down  okay so I I’m back some time has passed  and prepared as I tried to be to have  everything set up the one thing I just  said I did I did not account for how  Paul this thing was when I did my rough  measurements.

So I am having to cut out a  piece that’s about an inch and  three-quarter inch and a half inch and  3/4 so that I have the clearance to push  the new heater hand what I’ve done  anything anytime is I’ve had to run and  get some metal jigsaw blades I have a  high speed tool of course my battery’s  dead or my my souls all and and I picked  up some l-brackets so I’m going to use  2-inch L brackets and once I get this  metal piece out and I’m going to move it  up in the frame up here I’m going to use  2-inch L brackets to secure in the  corners and reattach no there’s no  aluminum vultures down here so what I’ve  done now is I’ve cut up these corners  I’ve used a high-speed tool to give me a  cut through in here I’m across on the  other side and I’m gonna use my jigsaw  to come across the other way now I was  trying to hold this corner so it doesn’t  vibrate but of course my  of course my plate well the jigsaw is  going to make that difficult so let’s  see  we must switch tools and go back to  using my high-speed tool to make these  cuts jigsaw seems to be  all right now the cuts don’t have to be  perfect there is a flange that’s going  to go up here but you want it to be as  straight as possible so this lets see  where I’m at okay.

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